Habra Khan Adabra (UN-M-1293)
Adabra's family held close ties with ruling Prince of the Ordos tribe, and Adabra and his brothers were inseparable from the Prince's own four sons, as they enjoyed the spoils of a wealthy and stable community.

But increasing tensions and territorial ambitions of a neighbouring tribe were soon to end all that. Ligdan Khan of the Chahar Mongols' increasingly successful raids on other tribes brought them to the great Manchu's attention. Under their leader Nurhaci, the Manchus began to press into southern Mongolia, threatening ever closer an all out war with the neighbouring Chahar that would inevitably drag both tribes into a battle for survival.

The art of war had progressed beyond the capacity of the nomadic Ordos peoples. And their cavalry could not hope to stand against muskets and cannon, such as the Manchu armies possessed.