Habra Khan Adabra (UN-M-1293)
Sometime in the distant past 20 Magdaemons left their war torn dimension to settle on a relatively peaceful Earth. Scattering across the planet to avoid detection they made a new home among the humans. The Magdaemons took wives and raised their own families.

Though the Magdaemon offspring possessed advantages that made them far from "normal" - the only physical telltale difference was the appearance of a sunburst tattoo on the face and upper torso in later life that signified the emergence of their full Magdaemon abilities.

Our subject, Habra Khan Adabra was the eleventh son born of twelve, to such a mixed family. Adabra was raised as part of the Ordos Mongols tribe. A tribe that resided south of the Gobi dessert and had for living memory enjoyed a peaceful nomadic and prosperous existence, largely untroubled by their warlike neighbours and unnoticed by the steadily expanding tsarist Russia to the West and the powerful Manchu's to the East.