Habra Khan Adabra (UN-M-1293)
Name: Habra Khan Adabra
Born: Late 16th Century
Geographical Unnatural Location:
Southern Mongolia (Ordos Mongols tribe)
Unnatural Appearance: Sunburst tattoo on the face and upper torso upon reaching adulthood.
Unnatural Abilities: Master of the mystical arts. Increased physical strength and speed, that is common to Magdaemons. Foresight.
Notes: It is unclear how old Adabra is. Estimates are currently around 330 years. The meditation that Habra undertakes each day is thought to aid life recovery. Pure Magdaemons can live over 800 years, but is unclear as to whether that figure would be less for a Human-Magdaemon hybrid.

Once in deep meditation, Adabra has the ability to pass away years in a deep hibernation sleep without need for food or any other external requirements.