Habra Khan Adabra (UN-M-1293)
Adabra's act, according to the official performance brochure for the night, was to be in 3 parts: "Exotic Eastern Magic, A stupendous act of Mesmerism (audience participation) and a final incredible Mystery. Disbelief guaranteed". According to a stagehand's timing sheet Adabra's act was to last 15 minutes and was to be the fourth performer on stage. As Adabra never made it to the stage, the 15 minutes allocated to the magician, was added to the following act - The comedian Fizzo - unfortunately Fizzo's marathon performance was poorly received, and shortly afterwards announced his retirement from the stage. Gambling debts and heavy drinking followed, and Fizzo (Farris Longfellow) was jailed 2 years later on fraud charges.

2.Though it's always difficult to ascertain the true origins of popular phrases, the name of Habra K. Adabra (his preferred stage name) became synonymous with magic and some believe that the term "abracadabra" (the commonly used magic formulae) started life as a mispronunciation of the Mystic's name.