Habra Khan Adabra (UN-M-1293)
On the night of Adabra's arrest, he was due to perform in the Great Exhibition's centre consept, before a VIP audience, that included Britain's Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert. - This performance was to be Adabra's first in Great Britain.

Other acts on the bill included the High Flying Trapeze act of the Flying Tarpinis, American Wild West Cowboy "Prairie Pete", the comedy of Fizzo, Italian opera star Bernardo Garnelli and the World famous Crispin Carney's Animal Circus - an act that included tigers, lions and various birds of prey - (The star of the show Ella the "dancing" elephant was considered to heavy for the stage, and Carney was refused permission for her to appear on stage that night).

On the advertising performance poster (opposite) Adabra was wrongly noted as the Great "Russian" Mystic, though it was in Russia he first found fame, he spent only two years in the country - and only several months as a performance magician.