Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
It was in York 1948 that the Keeper Squires' belongings were finally recovered in a second-hand bookshop and with it the end of the mystery surrounding Lady Sudbury. The diaries had been continued in Lady Sudbury's own hand. Each entry told of how she had dedicated her time to the books translation. She had sought out experts in language and had made much progress on her own in deciphering the alien text in her considerable free time. Some 318 years after her life had began, she had finally discovered how to end it. Her grave was eventually traced to a small cemetery in York.

But yet she still had not found peace. For the next 50 years her ghostly spirit was often seen roaming the vast rooms of Sudbury Hall, unable to fully break the bond that kept her from passing over. [see evidence]. Upon my request, it was arranged in May 2002 that her body be returned to the Sudbury Estate to lie reunited alongside her husband's grave. No further sightings of the ghostly spectre have since been reported.