Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
The decades passed, and generations were born into the world, then passed from it and still remained the Grey Lady of Sudbury Hall untouched by the passing of time. Because of her self-imposed exclusion, she became a figure of mystery and target of cruel speculation amongst the townsfolk. On one occasion she became the focus of violence and hatred when she was the victim of a witch-hunt in 1734. Her protector then was our very own Keeper Gabriel Squires, and for a while it seemed, through his kindness, she had learned how to embrace life again.

Unfortunately Squires failed to return from an observation mission in Africa. And the Grey lady of Sudbury Hall was alone once more.

Guild procedure requires the succeeding Keeper to conclude the last cases of the former occupier of the post. Upon arrival in the Derbyshire town, Keeper Barnaby Longstock found Squires lodgings had been ransacked. Diaries and several key texts were missing from Squires possessions.