Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
Realising the error of their request, in failing to also specify agelessness, Sudbury suddenly altered his request and asked instead that his wish be used so that his wife would appear untouched by age. "It is done", the God said, "I have repaid you in full", and disappeared from sight.

When Lord Sudbury told her of his gift to her she was horrified, but he persuaded her that they would still have many years together, and that throughout she would remain as beautiful as she was this very day.

Tragically, Lord Sudbury was killed eight months later in a farming accident. For the very first time Lady Sudbury realised the full extent of her situation. Withdrawing totally from society, she became a recluse.

Lady Sudbury rarely ventured outside her home. On the few occasions that required it, she would travel in a darkened carriage under a black veil of mourning.