Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
Frightened, yet excited by this unexpected good fortune, they left the library and resolved to consider carefully how best to use their wishes. All through the night they thought of what in the world they desired most. Eventually, Lady Sudbury ventured the idea of a long life together. Her husband taken with the idea added, "Why just a long life? When we could both live forever?" Excited by the prospect the young couple waited impatiently for morning.

Upon the first light of day they returned to the doors of the library. Lady Essenville went into the room first, and as the couple had agreed the previous night requested, "to live forever". With a solemn nod, the God granted the wish. "It is done". Then it was Lord Sudbury's turn, upon entering the room, he inquired if his wife had asked for eternal life, the God replied, "Yes, she has told me of your plans, you will grow old together forever".