Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
A descendent from German Aristocracy, Countess Helena Essenville spent her days around the fashionable high courts of Europe.

On a visit to England in 1630, she fell in love with and later married Lord Sudbury, taking the title of Lady Sudbury.

While exploring the vast libraries of Sudbury Hall alone one day, she came across a chest of ancient texts. On Lord Sudbury's return she questioned him about the origins of the old books, but he knew nothing of their history, supposing them to be inherited curiosities.

That night they playfully read out loud verse from the books within, but as they read from the text titled "Ha'brem" (The Binding) a surging crackling power pulsed through the book and began to build the form of a man before them. He announced himself as "Optaio", the wish-giver. Bound in the pages of the text for centuries, he offered the couple a reward for his freedom, one wish each.