Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
Name: Countess Helena Essenville (Lady Sudbury)
Born: January 30th 1630 - August 14th 1948
Geographical Unnatural Location: Sudbury Hall, England
Unnatural Appearance: None, average height, build, appearance of 30 year old human female.
Unnatural Abilities: Ageless and Immortal - Lived for over 318 years.
Notes: Keeper Squires was fortunate to have known Lady Sudbury for a short time, and to have aided her in a time of personal crisis. But his personal interaction with Lady Sudbury was looked on less than favourably amongst other members of the Guild at that time. In order to gain Lady Sudbury's trust, Squires had thought openness and honesty about his profession would be the best approach. But in the Guilds opinion, this method had left him vulnerable to the theft that occurred and the dire consequences that would have followed had the book been discovered by Earth's enemies.