Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
Re-reading this report for publication helped me remember the reason the role of a Keeper is such a unique one.

A Keeper's duties are strictly to observe, to record and to advise. But we're only human and occasionally when we encounter someone who is suffering, it becomes difficult to remain neutral, as the role requires.

One of my predecessors, Keeper Squires, became personally involved in this case, and while his intentions were nothing less than noble, his involvement had a direct and negative outcome on the subject of this entry.

This report tells of Countess Helena Essenville, who was granted a gift, the gift of longevity. But when death had visited everyone she had known and held dear, that gift became a curse. And she found out first hand that eternity is a very long time for any mortal to endure.

H. Jackson - 10/08/2003