Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
3. Father Winterbourne's letter to Cardinal Hasbury, Regarding the recent civil unrest and the attempted Witch Hunt of Lady Sudbury (1734)

"..A travelling parson with his tales of devil worship in these parts brought the drunken and reckless thoughts of the villagers to the feared and misunderstood Lady of the Manor. Fuelled by the drink of a full harvest and the clever words of the young parson, the villagers marched towards Sudbury Hall, proclaiming the Lady to be a disciple of the "dark arts", demanding she be tried as a Witch. I tried to dissuade them of their folly - for while I have never met Lady Sudbury in person, I understood her late husband to be a God fearing and honest sort of fellow - But it was a eloquent young Clerk by the name of Squires, who brought the crowd to their senses and sent the young Parson away defeated...."