Countess Helena Essenville (UN-C-1021)
1. An extract from Keeper Gabriel Squires' personal diary dated 19th August 1734, following the Witch Hunt: " Her desire for life ended when her beloved husband passed away. Suffering over 100 years of mistrust and gossip at the hands of the local peasants, this witch-hunt was only one of many incidents that have plagued her incredible life. I am most privileged that she has confided her secret to me, but her desire for living has grown weak, and I fear she has allowed me access, in the mistaken notion that I may be able to aid in her death. Although I have in my possession a text, which might reverse the "gift", I do not desire to use it. I leave for the African continent tomorrow and she has reluctantly agreed to wait upon my return, where I will seek a resumption of our friendship and hopefully persuade her of the value of life..." [Footnote: Squires fell ill to an infectious disease and never returned to England]

2. Surveillance video camera footage (view) taken at Sudbury Hall during 1998 captures the distressed spirit of Lady Essenville.