Dark Light Dwellers (UN-D-7983)
Name: Dark Light Dwellers
Geographical Unnatural Location: Sighted worldwide since the beginning of the industrial revolution, they are most commonly sighted at locations of large energy creation/consumption. e.g., power plants, furnaces and nuclear sites.
Unnatural Appearance: The Demons appear as a dark but opaque wraith like creatures. One of the best descriptions of the species came from Professor Bob Baladene, who described the visitor as "my 10 o'clock shadow" - a phrase to describe the foreshortened and deformed shape of the creatures.
Unnatural Abilities: The Dark Light Dwellers are thought to consist of a sub atomic particles that act in a similar way to neutrons. Because the creatures have such low mass, they are able to pass through physical objects in much the same manner as an x-ray passes through solid matter.