The Devil's Cur (UN-B-3894)
No one who was present at the dog's execution felt safe. In a final act of retribution against his former master, the dog slaughtered every animal in Watts' flock.

Glyn Harris was the hound's last victim, attacked in his home after retuning from Watt's funeral. Though left for dead, Harris survived the ordeal. The attacks eventually ceased in early January 1883, but sightings of the Daemon hound continued.

On recovering his health, Harris moved his family to Cardiff fearing for their lives should they stay.

Harris became something of a celebrity retelling his story of the Devil's Cur in the best of Welsh society, becoming a much sought after-dinner speaker. His tales of the 'Black Dog of the Brecon' were serialised first in the Cardiff Gazette, and then quickly recounted in the London Standard.


Glyn Harris