The Devil's Cur (UN-B-3894)
Raising his shotgun and preparing as best he could, Watts' walked from the barn and whistled to summon the dog to him as he had many times before.

Moments later the dog arrived before him, beaten and bloodied, bearing all the marks of its betrayal. Seconds later Watts raised his gun. A heartbeat later Watts lay dead.

The dog had exacted a terrible revenge on his former master.

The following day Glyn Harris, who had become firm friends with Watts during his convalescence, found the savaged body of Watts, with the gun held unused in his hand. Large claws had ripped apart much of Watt's upper body and on his forehead the indisputable print of the wolfhound. Over the next several days, the dog attacked a further fourteen people, with 5 fatalities. Reports of the dog's supernatural appearance soon spread panic amongst the remaining villagers.


The Devil's Cur