The Devil's Cur (UN-B-3894)
The number of animals killed during a single night confirmed in the minds of those assembled that the culprit was not merely a fox or other local predator, but something with a far greater appetite.

Their suspicions immediately turned towards a newcomer to the area, Jacob Watts and his particularly ill-tempered wolfhound. The village constable had taken paw prints and bite measurements from the slaughtered sheep, and announced to those present that the bite and the calculated gait would match the newcomer's hound perfectly.

At the conclusion of the meeting, several of those assembled, resolved to confront the farmer.

The hound's owner, Watts, a large plain-speaking gentleman, flatly denied that his dog could be responsible. He assured those gathered, that each night his hound was securely chained in his barn and each morning was let loose by his own hands.


Irish Wolfhound