The Devil's Cur (UN-B-3894)
Name: The Devil's Cur / Black Dog of the Brecon
Date of Occurrence: August 1882.
Geographical Unnatural Location: Powys, Wales UK
Unnatural Appearance: Oversized Irish wolfhound, black or dark matted fur. A 'flaming' red left eye and a bloodied empty right eye socket, where the Farmers shotgun cartridge had struck. A broken hanging jaw, and exposed putrid muscle and bone exposed along its underside and rear legs.
Unnatural Abilities: The Daemon Hound is able to take on either solid physical presence or spectral form of it's own choosing. Glyn Harris, the only victim to have survived the hound's attack claims the Dog had materialised through solid stonewall into his home and though Harris had not been conscious, swore that no exits were left open for the dog to have escaped the house.
Notes: Tales of Daemon Hounds are common in European folklore and are known by a variety of regional names. In Norfolk such an encounter would be known as meeting the 'Black Shuck', in Yorkshire the 'Barguest', 'Padfoot' in Staffordshire and in parts of Wales - the 'Gwyllgi'.


The Devil's Cur