The Devil's Cur (UN-B-3894)
Reports of phantom hounds or 'black dogs' have been widely reported since Anglo-Saxon times.

'Black dog' accounts are usually unique to a geographical area and most will have a local story or legend to support its origin. Though the reports often contain regional variations, many will share several common characteristics.

Typically the observer will report that the Daemon hound is abnormally large. Many witnesses will testify that the creature has large glowing or flaming red eyes, and almost all of the Daemon hounds encountered will disappear or transform if approached.

The report that follows, is just one of numerous local legends. The report focuses on the well-documented 19th century account of the 'Black Dog of the Brecon', that became known locally as the 'Devil's Cur'.

Hamilton Jackson - 29/07/2005


The Devil's Cur