The Devil's Cur (UN-B-3894)
2. History has always held Blacksmith Noah Cox accountable for the great fire that led to the demise of Bryn-Defaid. It was reported that a branding iron, the Blacksmith had been preparing had been neglected.

Noah Cox always denied neglect; swearing to his neighbours that he had been acting in self-defence. He stated he had thrown the red-hot iron in an effort to warn off the Daemon hound, which he claimed had been stalking him. But the dog had suddenly dissipated and the iron had landed on the straw covered floor, rapidly setting fire to the building.

An unfavourable dry wind, had carried the fire to a nearby haystack, and the wind had blown the lit crop on the wind to neighbouring properties. Thatched roofing prevalent in the village and the close proximity of the buildings had aided the fire's journey. Despite heroic efforts, the residents of Bryn-Defaid were unable to save their village from the fire.


Noah Cox