The Devil's Cur (UN-B-3894)
As the man neared, Mr Michaels got out of his car to explain his predicament. But became surprised when the man walked past him as if he was not there. Though the man ignored him, the dog lingered. Snarling at the tourist, the dog moved menacingly toward him.

Mr Michaels hastily retreated to the safety of his car and just as he slammed shut the door, the dog leapt on to the front of the car baring its teeth as if ready to attack. After several minutes, Mr Michaels then heard what sounded like the whistle of the owner calling the dog and was alarmed to see the dog dissipate in front of his eyes.

The vehicle mechanic found Mr Michaels in a deep state of distress, and after hearing the story, assisted Mr Michaels in photographing large paw prints on the car's windscreen to help verify the tourist's story.


Somnium Daemon