The Devil's Cur (UN-B-3894)
1.Though much of the detail of Bryn-Defaid's history has been forgotten, visitor sightings of the 'Devils Cur' continue to be reported. The area where the village once stood is now sited in protected National Parkland and lies just yards away from a newly constructed road through the Brecon Beacons.

In 2003, 34 independent sightings were recorded, while in 2004 authorities logged over 47 reports from concerned tourists regarding a large feral beast loose on the Brecon.

As recently as February 2005, an American traveller from Foster City, New York, was witness to the unnatural occurrence.

On an extended vacation to the UK, New Yorker Vinnie Michaels was passing through the area, when his hired car developed a mechanical fault. As he awaited recovery assistance on the roadside, a local man and his dog approached Mr Michaels.


Vinnie Michaels