The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
Christopher knew he had to leave the country, before the next anniversary; else he was certain a tragedy would befall him too. For a man of means leaving the country in the eighteenth century would not be too difficult a task, but for a man without finance or influence, the landlocked Midland location of Binton was a long way from the coast and passage away from England. For weeks Christopher resolutely walked in an easterly direction following a rudimentary map. Though aiming for Dover, anywhere he could get boat passage to France would do equally well.

Avoiding towns where the smell of an alehouse might tempt him back to his drunken ways, he made good time and by April, was just fifteen miles from his destination. Confident of making the remaining distance, but little in the way of funds, Christopher decided to stop in an affluent little town just north of Folkestone in an attempt to find gainful employment and earn enough money to fund his travel. But Christopher was not used to taking orders and every job he took soon ended in his dismissal, eventually he returned to the only method he knew of attaining money.

Deadless Horseman