The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
Wandering a tree line path the brothers plotted their revenge on the landlord, when they were suddenly aware of the sound of thundering hooves gaining on them unfeasibly quick.

Christopher glanced around to see the scorched rider impossibly close, a second later the horse reared up behind them, bringing down the full weight of the huge animal on to the youngest brother Jim, crushing him to the ground; without looking back Christopher ran for his life.

The rider was soon in close pursuit behind the elder brother. Unable to evade the rider, Christopher climbed a tree, as fast and high as he could manage. When he could climb no higher, Christopher glanced down to see the rider below, and saw for the first time the true unnatural horror of his tormentor. Though the rider wore a porcelain mask to hide his face, the charred skeletal hand that held the fine sword was enough to convince Christopher that this was not a fight he could win.


Deadless Horseman