The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
Although the horseman did not immediately return for the brothers, the thought of the rider fulfilling his revenge meant they no longer slept soundly, they jumped at the sound of every passing horse and kept their swords close at hand, no amount of alcohol could dull the sense they were both living on borrowed time.

February 3rd 1706 was a clear and crisp night. The village of Lower Binton was in full preparation for the annual festival of Imbolc. Fires were visible across the county and families gathered to hear stories and poems; the mood of optimism in the village was inescapable.

Though still living in fear of retribution, the two brothers did their best to profit from the festival. As homes left unoccupied by the draw of the festival became easy targets for the thieving brothers.

That evening the brothers stopped at an alehouse just before closing time to spend their day’s gain, but a predictable fight had seen them expelled earlier than planned into the dark and cold night.

James Turnbridge