The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
The horseman pointed a burnt skeletal finger at Eldrith then ran the finger across his own neck, in a gesture that left Eldrith with little doubt to the riderís intent.

Rushing back to his inebriated friends, he told them what he had witnessed, the brothers laughed at their friendís story, but Eldrith knew the truth of what he had seen. Grabbing his sword and downing one last mouthful of ale for courage, he raced out the back door. Moments later the brothers heard the galloping of hooves as the rider thundered past in chase of Eldrith. The two brothers watched in horror as the rider hunted down its prey, seconds later they heard a scream and a deep laugh that was not Eldrithís.

It was a full two days later until the two brothers had courage enough to venture outside the safety of the Inn. And by then, it had become clear that Eldrith had been murdered; his head completely severed from his body, at the hands of a man they had thought killed one year earlier.


Deadless Horseman