The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
For a time, the disappearance of Lord Robert Barton was the only talk of the village, but as weeks passed and no evidence of foul play was discovered, it was assumed by friends that he must have followed through on his plans to travel Europe and his unexplained absence was soon forgotten with the passing of new events.

A year passed and the three murderous thieves; two brothers Christopher and Jim Turnbridge, and long-time associate Eldrith Creed, were drinking the profits of another ill-gotten gain in the local alehouse, when they became aware of a commotion outside.

Eldrith curious, and his bravery fuelled by the quantity of spirits he had recently downed, pushed his way towards the front of the crowd gathered at the window. Outside a huge black horse paced patiently in the courtyard, and on its back sat astride a grotesquely disfigured and ember black figure. On seeing Eldrith at the window, the rider raised his head, and though a masquerade facemask covered the riders face, Eldrith, immediately recognised their victim.

Eldrith Creed