The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
Fortunately Bartonís horse knew the path home, and carefully began to meander its way back to the stables, despite the sporadic interventions of the drunken rider in the saddle.

As they neared the dirt track that led to his home, Barton could just about make out in the darkness, three figures on the path ahead. As he approached they waved him to stop, but wary of the strangers at this late hour, Barton kicked the horse onward.

As he passed the group of men, a rock stuck the back of Bartonís head and in his inebriated state fell from the saddle. Barton hit the ground hard, letting out a cry of pain, but the three men surrounded him and fell on him fast, continuing to viciously beat him for several minutes until the rider drew his last shuddering breath.

Searching through the dead manís possessions, Christopher Turnbridge, the eldest of the three villains, discovered that their victim - despite his distressed state - must have been of some influence.

Lord Robert Barton