The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
As he finally released the knot, Christopher glanced up to see the horseman round the corner and race toward him. Quickly jumping into the boat, he pushed against the jetty as hard as he could muster and was some twenty feet adrift by the time the horseman had reached the jetty’s edge.

Certain he was now safely out of reach of the horseman, Christopher was alarmed to see the rider spur the horse on and enter the freezing black water in pursuit, but the Captain now roused by the noise, had raised sails and slowly the boat steadily left the pursuer in it’s wake.

For Christopher Turnbridge, that evening was the last time he witnessed the terror of the horseman. He made a new and relatively honest life in France and died peacefully in his sleep aged 54.

However in Lower Binton, the Deadless horseman still appears every early morning on the first day of the Imbolc, seeking revenge of the final triumverate of villains, but is gone by the first rays of dawn.

Deadless Horseman