The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
At 7.00 o’clock Christopher arrived at the designated berth as arranged. The Captain explained that they were still awaiting delivery of cargo, but assured Christopher they would leave as scheduled, and would be on French soil by the following morning. Confident he had outwitted his pursuer, Christopher settled down at the rear of the boat to await it’s departure.

Christopher awoke to the toll of the town’s midnight church bells. Expecting to be half way across the channel by now, he was alarmed to find the boat still berthed at the English port. Under a full hunters moon he found the Captain asleep surrounded by several empty bottles of spirits, unable to wake the Captain, he set about casting off himself. As he struggled to untie the complex knot that held the boat securely in place, he became aware of the sound a horse galloping ever closer. He tried to ignore the screams of the townspeople, as the horseman thundered through the town towards the quay, instead giving his full concentration to releasing the boat that now provided his only means of escape.

Deadless Horseman