The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
Unfortunately a theft from a local church did not go unnoticed. Christopher was quickly arrested, and sentenced to three years imprisonment. Though angry at his own carelessness, he was consoled that he would be safe from the horseman within the confinement of the prison walls. But just nine months into his punishment, Christopher received alarming news. He was to be one of a number of prisoners released early, following a large rise in inmates during the New Year festivities. On hearing the news, Christopher did all he could to persuade them to change their minds, realising he would be hard pressed to make the coast and acquire passage in the few days that remained to him. But despite his appeals, Christopher was thrown out into the street on the last day of January 1707.

Determined to meet his deadline, Christopher stole a horse and rode furiously night and day. Finally reaching his destination on the eve of Imbolc festival, he sold the horse for a good sum and arranged passage on a small fishing boat scheduled to make a crossing to France that same evening.

Christopher Turnbridge