The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
Name: The Deadless Horseman - Lord Robert Barton.
Born: 11th June 1676 - 3rd February 1704
Geographical Unnatural Location:
Lower Binton, nr Stratford, Warwickshire, UK. Unnatural Appearance: His body set alight by his murders, Barton's flesh is blackened and charred beyond recognition. As the Deadless Horseman, Barton wears a fine porcelain masquerade mask, first worn at a Masquerade Ball on that fateful evening, to hide his disfigured features.
Unnatural Abilities: The Deadless Horseman rides for a few hours every year on the first morning of the Imbolc festival celebrations. From the first hour of the new day until the first rays of dawn for the last 300 years.
Notes: Currently the Guild do not believe that the Horseman poses any meaningful threat to the residents of Lower Binton, believing that revenge on his three murderers are the horsemanís only concern - but several fatal incidents have been falsely attributed to him over the years and have only added to his fearsome legend.

Deadless Horseman