The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
2. Today in the UK only a small number of dedicated pagan followers observe the annual festival of Imbolc. But it is unlikely there are any residents of the small Warwickshire village of Lower Binton who would not be aware of the festivalís significance.

For the last 300 years the Deadless Horseman has been a regular visitor to the Stratford town, and has become embedded in local folklore.

The latest documented sighting of the Deadless Horseman came in the early hours of February 2nd 2006. When a coach carrying over 32 passengers encountered engine failure on the way home from an evening event at the local racecourse.

Stranded just outside of Binton, the passengers had started to disembark the coach to await replacement transport, when the Horseman astride his giant horse thundered past. Although the horseman scarcely acknowledged the passengers presence, the local paper reported many from the coach party were left traumatized by the encounter.

Short article from Stratford Herald, Feb 3rd 2006