The Deadless Horseman (UN-C-819)
1. The Imbolc (pronounced 'im olk' ) was one of the most important festivals of the Pagan calendar.

By February, food stores that had sustained villages throughout the winter would be running low. The Imbolc ritual of lighting fires saw the Pagan followers try to harness the last remnants of light’ energy from an otherwise cold and dark winter. Hoping that their faith would help not only ensure the success of the next harvest season, but keep them fed until that time.

The act of lighting fires was especially important as the festival coincided with the holy day of Brigid, Goddess of fire, healing and fertility.

The Keeper of the Book at that time, Keeper Conway, suspected that it was the callous act of setting alight Barton’s body on that holy day that invoked the healing power of Brigid and saw Lord Barton reborn into the vengeful Deadless Horseman.

Brigid, Godess of Fire, Healing and Fertility