Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
The Darke Circus toured Europe successfully for many years, displaying their individual abilities to great applause. Until in November 1882, a fellow Joula'nd Daemon, jealous of Carney's fame and acceptance, attempted to expose the troupe's true Daemon origins.

The rival Daemon attacked Carney during the second show of a particularly successful Parisian tour. Carney quickly countered the initial attack and with the aid of his fellow performers, and after a spectacular battle that lasted 20 minutes, managed to subdue the rival Joula'nd Daemon.

Though the Joula'nd Daemon had hoped to expose Carney, the audience were oblivious to the attempt, spellbound by the performance they suspected nothing amiss and the Darke Circus received a 10-minute standing ovation upon conclusion of that night's show.


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