Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
The Acrobats would perform incredible feats of dexterity with split second timing, while the Magicians mesmerised disbelieving audiences with grand illusions.

The Guild placed the Circus under investigation for several months, before concluding that the Darke Circus posed no threat to humanity. Allowing Carney's circus troupe to continue their unique performances, much to the delight of audiences throughout Europe.

The circus troupe's dark monstrous looks were key to their success; audiences were horrified and enthralled at the same time during a period of history, whose population were fascinated with the occult.

While their gothic monstrous looks certainly played a large part in their fame. Crispin Carney was always careful to avoid unwanted publicity in an effort to hide their origins. Limiting media interviews to a minimum.


Charles Axen