Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
Crispin Carney and his associates first came to the Guild's attention in 1874, when the Darke Circus ambitious and imaginative performances, first played to enthusiastic audiences in Cardiff.

Promoted under the guise of European "Grotesque" performers, the sensational looks of the cast did not raise concern amongst the Victorian audience, who embraced the gothic look of the cast members, naturally presuming their exotic looks to be the design of heavy make-up.

Keeper Alistair Jennings was in the audience of the opening night performance in Birmingham and confirmed in his report 17th October 1874, that the great feats performed that night could not be accomplished by any one of human origin.

The abilities of the troupe, which amongst it's number, included both Joula'nd and Pol'da'c Daemons far exceeded the abilities of human physiology.


Crispin Carney