Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
Name: Pitchry - Entertainer, tumbler & clown.
Unnatural Appearance: As a Kigeer Daemon, Pitchry's distorted clown-like looks, largely dictated his role in the Darke Circus. With the Kigeer's large 'grinning' mouth and rounded nose, his looks instantly reminded audiences of a grotesque version of a traditional circus clown.
Unnatural Abilities: An acrobat of immense talent and of great comedic timing, Pitchry formed the role of an 'in-between main acts' entertainer, performing tricks on the audience and causing general mayhem between performances.

Notes: Although an acrobat of great talent, Pitchry could not compete with the skills of the Flying Tarpinis and thus reluctantly agreed to take on the traditional role of the circus clown. For many years he resented being the fool of the company, and in 1872 abandoned the circus for a period of several months. But performing was all that Pitchry knew, and quickly appealed for to Carney to take him back. Carney readily agreed and Pitchry returned triumphantly to the role that he had made his own.