Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
Name: Charles "The Ox" Axen - Strongman
Unnatural Appearance: Charles Axen was a lightly built Heleath Daemon; this horned Daemon was the most unnatural looking of all the Darke Circus cast. Charles Axen adopted the stage name "the Ox"" from a newspaper advertisement attempting to describe his slightly bovine appearance.
Unnatural Abilities: Like all male Heleath Daemons, Charles Axen possessed great base strength. Though never fully tested, Carney claimed that there was no weight in the world that Axen could not lift.

Notes: The Ox was a particular favourite with younger members of the audience. One of Axen's most celebrated acts was entitled 'fallen angel', in which Axen slowly turns from weak Daemon outcast into a vengeance seeking 'Angel of Heaven'. That saw Axen lift incredible weights and willing particpants from the audience. The Heleath Daemon's vocal chords prevented Axen from fully mastering English and as a result chose to stay silent through his act, with Carney narrating Axen's performances.


Charles 'the Ox' Axen