Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
Name: Shamran and Maudlin Tarpini - The Flying Tarpinis - Acrobats, trapeze and tightrope.
Unnatural Appearance: The duo known as the Flying Tarpinis were both Pol'da'c Daemons. Both lightly built, but muscular, with large ears and eyes on an elongated face.
Unnatural Abilities: Pol'da'c Daemons are naturally strong, skilful and agile. But the feats performed by the Flying Tarpinis were legendary, even amongst their own kind. The Flying Tarpinis could turn their hand to any feat of acrobatics; so confident were they in their ability, that they would regularly change their performance according to the requests of the audience.
Notes: The Flying Tarpinis were an established act long before joining Carney's Darke Circus. The brothers enjoyed great acclaim in the shows of Paris as an acrobatic duo. A chance backstage meeting with Crispin Carney while performing at the Crystal Palace in London in 1852, brought the brothers to the Darke Circus, where they continued to enjoy a successful career, winning many awards for their imaginative performances.


The Flying Tarpinis