Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
Name: Laiteria Carney - Illusionist and Magician
Unnatural Appearance: A Chorth Daemon of human appearance with pallid complexion and an emaciated - almost skeletal build. A Chorth Daemon possesses no body fat and only a thin layer of muscle. As a result Chorth Daemon's are very susceptible to Earth disease and viruses.
Unnatural Abilities: Though Chorth Daemons lack physical strength, their minds are extremely developed. Laiteria possessed both psychic and telekinetic abilities and used her talents to create breathtaking illusions. A sequence in which the battle of Trafalgar was re-enacted in the 42-foot circus ring was a particular audience favourite.
Notes: Laiteria married Crispin Carney in a civil wedding in 1884. Due to Laiteria's troubling health, they relocated from their home in London to the fishing village of Padstow, Cornwall, where they hoped the unpolluted sea air would aid her recuperation. Though she continued to suffer severe bouts of illness, the devoted couple lived happily together for many years until Carney's death in 1956. Laiteria died a few months later.


Laiteria Carney