Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
Name: Crispin Carney - Master of Ceremonies.
Unnatural Appearance: A Joula'nd Daemon of human appearance.
Unnatural Abilities: Carney was a telepath of extraordinary ability and a 'persuasive' and charismatic showman.
Notes: His 'persuasive' abilities allowed him to relate to the audiences of his Darke Circus and to skilfully avoid any intrusive questioning about the troupe's appearance. Earlier in his career Carney had used his telepathic abilities to "talk" or more specifically 'influence' the actions of the animals used in his 'Animal Circus' to great success.

Though he received great acclaim for his 'Animal Circus' shows, Carney did not hesitate to walk away from the popular act, when the opportunity to work with fellow like-minded Daemons occurred. In a rare interview with the Darke Circus' Master of Ceremonies, Carney cited his only ambition was to "deliver the most compelling Circus act in Europe's history". An ambition, that was to be fully realised.


Crispin Carney