Crispin Carney's Darke Circus (UN-D-997)
1. Crispin Carney's Darke Circus weren't the only Unnaturals to have used their abilities to entertain. Magdaemon Habra K Adabra achieved popular fame, through his performances as the famed "Russian" Mystic, during the 19th century.

Carney even found himself on the same bill as Habra K Adabra and his soon to be fellow Darke Circus performers, Pol'da'c Daemons - The Flying Tarpinis, in 1852 when they all performed separate acts before Queen Victoria. (See entry UN-M-1293 Habra K. Adabra - for further details).

At that time, Carney was performing his popular Animal Circus act. It was upon meeting the Flying Tarpinis backstage at the Royal performance, that Carney first muted the idea of creating a troupe made up entirely of Daemon cast. A little over three years later, Carney had formed the 'Darke Circus'.


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