Daemalien (UN-A-0002)
Name: Daemalien (Daemon/Alien)
Geographical Unnatural Location: "Devils End", Derbyshire, UK.
Unnatural Appearance: Part Alien Grey and Daemon, these half-breeds varied in appearance dependent largely upon the original daemon genes. At least two of the four that met with Hobbs, were almost certainly bred from Marlau daemons. Sketched by Madok Erl as having the Marlau telltale head horns and upper torso scale ridges, while possessing the structure and the smooth and grey/olive skin of an alien grey. Erl was unable to satisfactorily describe the origins of the other two.
Unnatural Abilities: Incredible strength, speed and dexterity, Non dependency on an oxygen environment. Increased sensory abilities, but poor day vision.
Notes: Recent research into the daemaliens, suggests that the current phenomenon of the "goatsucker" or "chupacabra" could be directly linked to the Grey's hybrid project.