Daemalien (UN-A-0002)
Over 200 hybrids were effectively culled with the trigger of a suicide gene, implanted in all hybrids, as a precautionary measure, should such a situation, as this arise.

Upon completion, the alien Greys evacuated all their bases, not returning to earth for many years, when they continued research on their hybrid project with a less resistant species - in the form of humanity.

It was assumed that the Greys completed their cleansing of the Daemalien without exception - but an extract in the 14th volume of the definitive Daemon history text "primus daemon", plus a later interview with Madok Erl, a Gralade daemon, and sometime assistant to Hobbs; with Keeper Benedictus, suggests that the Greys just might not have been completely successful in the annihilation of the hybrid race.

H. Jackson - 08/10/2002