Daemalien (UN-A-0002)
Keeper Benedictus: Did they tell of how they made flight from this "ship"?

Madok Erl: They told, how they were en-route to their alien captors homeworld, when they heard talk among their warders, of a decision to terminate their captives, by way of a trigger device implanted in their bodies. A Marlau demon was at that time unshackled, and attacked those nearest, in the chaos that followed he was able to destroy the defences that held the other captives. And soon the ship fell to them. Unfortunately, the demon halfbloods knew not how to guide the vessel, and in a fit of rage, started to destroy the ship, fortunately as Master Hobbs had surmised, their wanton destruction had triggered a fail safe reaction, which returned the ship to the nearest planetary surface, which was at that time still Earth. Upon landing, the creatures were able to leave the ship, and after wandering the nearby forests by, Hobbs Will, arrived at our door.