Daemalien (UN-A-0002)
Keeper Benedictus: You suggest he had prior knowledge of this event , it is unlikely..?

Madok Erl: Hold fast your tongue, mortal, I will not be a part of your inquiry, less you show proper and rightful respect to Master Hobbs

Keeper Benedictus: If I have offended you, then I am sorry..

Madok Erl: 'Braggdah'...[Graladian:"your apology means nothing to me, but is acceptable"] How Master Hobbs knew of their arrival was not my concern, and certainly none of yours scribe..

Madok Erl: Master Hobbs, invited them in, gave them food and shelter and listened with good grace to their extraordinary tale of rebellion from their accursed offworld oppressors, and how their victorious escape had led them to the protection of Master Hobbs.