Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
Even though the 'space race' was created for the wrong reasons - a pretext for a contest of one-upmanship between the two great powers - it rates among Kennedy's most important legacies. Unknowingly the people of Earth had taken its first faltering steps towards fulfilling the 'Creator's' ambitious destiny.

But on the eve of the most forward-looking period of history, the bullet of a sniper once again changed the path of history. (Oswald's story is further documented in the evidence pages - but this is a prime example of how the actions of one man under the influence of the Cruel Ones has had a devastating impact on mankind's future)

As the 1960s ended with less hope than they had started, Americans watched in horror as the death toll of special forces units mounted, in a war thousands of miles away. Kennedy's successor Lyndon B Johnson without hope of winning the war without US popular support escalated the US involvement in Vietnam to include drafted men.