Cruel Ones (UN-PE-0001)
(Khrushchev had admitted privately to friends of receiving strange dreams that matches what we know of the Cruel Ones visitations, but it seems he was of strong enough character and committed communist to resist the self-serving persuasion of the Cruel Ones - We unfortunately have no indication as to whether President Kennedy received similar visitations).

Though nuclear war had been averted, America's fear of a state control nation or anything 'un-American' made for an uncomfortable association over the following decades.

President John F. Kennedy gave the nation new hope on May 25, 1961, with the announcement of the 'space race' to compete with the technological advancing Soviets and win the race to send the first astronauts to the moon.

For America, the Apollo program finally redressed the consecutive defeats of the Soviets' Sputnik satellite and Gagarin's first manned space flight.